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Early fall layers.

Love this from head to toe!


Early fall layers.

Love this from head to toe!



Modern romantic, courtesy of Thakoon.

Missing my ONE & ONLY true home…

Still LOVE these!  I soooooo should’ve gotten them when they had my size… *teardrop*

Damn a 401K…my retirement plan is in my closet! :)
It’s been this kind of day… Lovin’ street art though!


I’m sure that everyone has noticed by now that NO ONE is “recession-proof”. Most high-end manufacturers are creating special “affordable” lines to supplement their normal revenue that is lacking as of late. Gucci did a special line for DSW, Rodarte for Target, Jimmy Choo, Matthew Williamson, and Versace for H&M, Vera Wang for Kohl’s, and the list goes on.

My tale begins while shopping for my 10 year old niece at Gap Kids in Short Hills. She wanted an outfit for a birthday party she would be attending. Luckily, we share a lot of the same taste in clothing and both “heart” mesh. We had gotten no more than 6 feet into the store when we both saw a skirt with 3 tiers of mesh and a satin waist band. As we made a beeline for it, I noticed that the items in that section were much more “fashion-forward” than what I normally think of for Gap Kids. I finally realized why…Stella McCartney made a line for Gap Kids!!! Woo hoooooooo!

I got the skirt for my niece, but unfortunately had to return it because it didn’t fit. But of course, this story wouldn’t have made the page of this blog unless I found something…or THINGS…for myself. I bought a pair of cashmere leggings…yes…I said CASHMERE leggings! These are the most cozy, soft, and warm things you will ever slide your legs into!!!!!!!! For a child, I would think that $80 is too much to pay for leggings, but since I’m no longer growing…what the hell! :)

It would be nice to say that the leggings were the only things that found themselves coming home with me that day (aside from my niece of course), but this isn’t the case. The matching hoodie was SUPER cute and who could resist the black velvet blazer?! I’ll tell you who couldn’t…MEEEEEEE! Okay…so what…I got suckered by Stella & Gap Kids, but the first time I wore those leggings to work on a cold day in NYC, I hadn’t the slightest bit of regret. I think that Stella’s an absolute genius for making something as simple as leggings in a luxurious fabric other than something so expected (and potentially slutty) as leather.

Kudos Stella.

The Trojan Horse

While working an annual shopping event for an organization on the Upper West Side, I saw one of the retailers selling a gorgeous necklace with a carved wooden horse in the center. I literally saw it from across the room…mind you…I’m near-sighted and wasn’t wearing my glasses, but knew that I HAD to have it. The closer I got to it, the more I liked it. The dark wood, the gold colored beads, the horse in the center. Unique, simple, ornate, modern, timeless…it somehow embodied all of those things and more! 

No matter how many other items I saw throughout the evening, my eye was constantly drawn back to the necklace with the wooden horse. What would I wear it with??? I started picturing outfits for it. Places that it could be worn. How I could dress it up. How I could dress it down. Bangs??? Nope…I decided it’d look best with my hair in a ponytail or a bun. What mood would I have to be in to wear this? All these questions and more were racing though my head. How much was this small treasure you ask??? I wondered the same thing. 

Let me start off by reminding you that I don’t pay much for most of my clothing, so I don’t mind spending a little more on items (great finds, acquisitions, whatever or however you’d like to think of it) that I really love. Secondly, I don’t normally get buyer’s remorse. This is because my “style” doesn’t really change drastically (one of the pro’s of not being super trendy). Back to the question I’ve been trying to avoid answering…HOW MUCH WAS IT??? Well…$300…some may say that’s not bad, and some may think I’m out of my mind. I’m gonna side with those who found the happy medium and think that if you like it that much, it was worth it. Well luckily enough, I got a “vendor discount”. Needless to say that didn’t take much off the price, but to be totally honest, I probably would have purchased it even without the discount (where there’s a will…).

Long post short, I love, love, LOVE my necklace and even though I’ve only worn it once to date, it’ll have many happy years in my possession and many more opportunities to see the light of day!

Until next time, remember that “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” - Coco Chanel

These are VERY necessary out in Cali…VERY NECESSARY.

Will you be my navigator?

This blog is going to be a journey through my mind.  Sometimes it may be my most intimate thoughts put into words or maybe even somewhat of a poem.  It might be me just venting about someone or something that has annoyed me.  Or perhaps a dope pair of shoes that I want or some other fashion-related topic.  I’m a multi-faceted woman who loves art, music, food (like a fat kid loves cake!!!), and FUN!  It may seem extremely random at times, but that’s the risk you take when delving into the depths of my mind…thoughts that are sometimes funny, sometimes crazy, sometimes creepy, sometimes random, but always honest.  

Hope you don’t mind being the Kit to my Baloo (think Tale Spin people…) because I’d love for you to take this ride with me.  I have no idea where I’m going, but the fun is in the journey!